Radboudumc Amalia Children’s Hospital

A model of family integrated care, Nijmegen

Playful, friendly and calm surroundings for family integrated care

The renovated Radboudumc Amalia Children’s Hospital is ready for the future. Minimum interventions have turned the existing building into an ultra-modern, family integrated children’s hospital. With inviting public spaces, a highly specialized NICU, a new outpatient clinic and a cosy Ronald McDonald House.

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Radboudumc Amalia Children’s Hospital

A hospital that provides maximum support for the role of family and loved ones during the care process, so that 22,000 children can receive the best treatment and care every year.

The EGM design brings to life the mission of the Amalia Children’s Hospital: family integrated care with a significant impact on healthcare. The five-floor building now houses a playful, friendly and calm environment that fully involves families in the treatment of children.


The Amalia Children’s Hospital wanted a bright and open interior for young patients where care is organized around the family. The twenty-year-old building – also designed by EGM – groups the clinical medium care unit, short stay unit, outpatient clinics and children’s burn wound centre. All single rooms in the nursing units contain sanitary facilities and a space where a family member can spend the night.


Public spaces that delight

Two large public spaces flooded with daylight form the heart of the building: a forecourt to the outpatient clinics on the ground floor, and a park-like area on the second floor. Warm colours, natural materials and green hues create an open and friendly environment. A place where children and their loved ones feel at ease. And where the tension disappears because there’s so much to see and experience.


Warm reception at outpatient clinic

The square on the ground floor connects all the surrounding units to one another and offers a warm welcome to patients and those accompanying them. The space extends along the double-height facade, bathed in daylight. All interior elements are spaciously positioned so that children are free to run or cycle around. Playful ‘houses’ provide privacy and peace, for families and staff.


Park as healing environment

EGM transformed the second-floor square – bordered by the nursing units – into an open and sheltered park-like healing environment. Children find their way around in a relaxed and intuitive way with the help of the organically shaped objects positioned throughout the space. One of the pebbles houses a theatre. Touching all the senses, these surroundings fire the imagination of young and old. Over and over again.


Enjoying the outdoors every season

The inviting park connects with a roof garden, an outdoor green space for children and their families. There is also a conservatory where families can enjoy the outdoors all year round. Surrounded by flourishing greenery, they see, smell and feel nothing of the hospital environment.


Contact in private in single rooms

Radboudumc is one of the ten hospitals in the Netherlands with a highly specialized neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Newborn babies requiring intensive care are treated in this unit. Family integrated care means that parents are involved as much as possible in their children’s care. That is why there are 15 single rooms where parents can enjoy physical contact with their children, because skin-to-skin contact improves bonding with children and, hence, boosts their recovery.


Work environment supports the best possible care

The renovation of the Amalia Children’s Hospital offers care professionals a clear structure, short walking distances and good facilities. Smart digital devices also support the care workers, families and children. The open and healthy working environment optimally contributes to the best possible care for children and their families. And with plenty of space for enchantment.