Interior design for transformations

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Interior design for transformations

Using the potential and the character of the existing in the new and the contemporary

Hengelo City Hall, passageway that links City Hall and Town Hall

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St. Elisabeth Roosendaal, transformation into a contemporary and sustainable building

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Fontys University of Applied Sciences Eindhoven, from a laboratory building to an inspiring, inviting and future-proof learning environment

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Central Militairy Hospital Utrecht

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Radboudumc Building A Nijmegen, sustainable transformation of nursing building into offices, a dialysis centre and restaurant

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Mental Health Care Breburg Tilburg, reception area

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The Rotterdamsche School Rotterdam, transformation from a school building to an apartment complex

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De Brinck Nieuw Unicum Zandvoort

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Interior design for transformations

Existing buildings offer new opportunities. EGM interiors exploits these opportunities and sustainably transforms existing property into a building with a new purpose or appearance. A new environment that feels like a new home. During this process, we like to draw inspiration from you and everything your building has to offer. In our designs we enhance distinctive qualities and seize opportunities to improve buildings where necessary.


During the design process we work intensively with your organization and our team of specialists in the fields of building physics, construction, sustainability and building costs. In addition, a good concept for the look-and-feel of your interior is vital. By making a 3D scan of the existing building at an early stage, we use BIM to enable you to see all new elements and interventions in virtual reality. EGM interiors has all the expertise to be your ideal partner in transforming existing property into buildings with a future.

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