Interiordesign for working environments

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Interiordesign for working environments

Interiordesign for working environments

An EGM interior is a customized environment: a blueprint of your organization

Offices and warehouse Gebr. van der Donk, Oss

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Transformation offices GGz Breburg, Tilburg (the Netherlands)

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CO2-free offices, Gouda (the Netherlands)

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Offices water board Hollandse Delta, Ridderkerk (the Netherlands)

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Offices water board Hollandse Delta, Ridderkerk (the Netherlands)

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meeting areas CO2-free offices, Gouda (the Netherlands)

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working area CO2-free offices, Gouda (the Netherlands)

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Interior design for working environments

The possibilities for designing new working environments are endless. EGM interiors is the ideal partner to advise you in this area. Besides an inspiring new look, it is important that a working environment supports the processes of your business. We are ready to discuss your way of working today and in the future. We do this is the form of workshops and interviews. We also use new techniques such as EGM Indoor Analytics. That’s how we work with you to lay the foundations for an ideal new working environment.

Brick, Bytes & Behaviour

In addition to a built environment that feels tailor-made, we offer advice about the use of digital tools to improve collaboration and processes within your organization. In short: Bricks, Bytes and Behaviour. A good balance between these three cornerstones ensures a working environment that optimally facilitates and inspires you and your staff every day. Your working environment is the calling card of your organization. We are ready to help you express your identity.

Sustainable workspaces

We design future-oriented working environments. That’s why we work with Smart Grid, a system that collects important data about the building. Energy is used more efficiently on the basis of the data collected. This includes the smart and active control of illumination, heating and cooling. In your interior we also use sustainable and lasting materials wherever possible. We are ready to advise you on the possibilities and advantages for your work environment.

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