Erasmus House Jakarta reopened

A new modern look for Dutch cultural centre to offer contemporary exhibitions a stage again

EGM, together with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, delivered the new interior for the Dutch cultural centre in Jakarta. The Erasmus House, located right next to the Dutch embassy, ​​is a showcase for Dutch culture with a focus on dance and music performances and exhibitions.

Core values cultural centre

The Erasmus House owes its name to the Dutch humanist and philosopher Desiderius Erasmus, an avid traveller himself. It is exactly this exploratory look that the centre offers to the local community. The centre was established in 1970 and has had several refurbishments after a move. In recent years, theatre performances and exhibitions no longer fitted into the existing spaces and the interior was outdated and gloomy. Swartbol, Ambassador in Jakarta, said at the opening: “We started with a small group discussing how we had do it; what’s our vision, mission, what are our core values. We wanted to create an atmosphere in which we show energy, transparency, openness, and the venues [the embassy and Erasmus Huis] should show those core values.”

We wanted to create an atmosphere in which we show energy, transparency, openness and the venues should show those core values

Rob Swartbol, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jakarta

Renovation for spaciousness

During the renovation walls were removed, windows were added and the interior was given a significant facelift with contemporary materials and fresh colours. Because of these interventions, the centre again offers a reception-room and presentation and display rooms, fitting a wide range of cultural performances. Erasmus House manager Joyce Nijssen said during the opening that the interior is deliberately full of Dutch Design products to promote Dutch Design.


The publicly accessible centre has a foyer on the ground floor, a wide assorted library, catering facilities and an exhibition space. Upstairs there is a spacious exhibition space and an auditorium that seats up to 350 guests.


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