Eindhoven Airport

Sustainable expansion of Eindhoven airport terminal

Increased comfort and service for passengers and staff

A new entrance, more space for additional gates and catering, a new baggage basement and an additional baggage conveyor in the new arrivals hall

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Eindhoven Airport will start construction of the terminal expansion at the end of 2024. It was designed by the team consisting of EGM architecten, Iv and Peutz. The terminal will be gas-free, generate its own energy and have wooden columns. The extension is necessary to accomodate the current passenger numbers comfortably.

The terminal is being expanded because the current terminal has become too small for the current number of passengers. The current terminal was built for about 5 million passengers. In 2023, approximately 6.8 million passengers used the airport. Eindhoven Airport also expects a similar number of passengers this year.


Increased service and comfort

According to the plans, the existing terminal on the airside (after the security check) will be enlarged by approximately 10,000 square meters. On the landside (before the security check), the terminal will be expanded by 2,000 square meters. This is also where the distinctive new entrance will be located. Beside this, there a new baggage hall with an underground baggage basement will be realised. The expanded terminal will offer more room for (extra) gates. The non-Schengen area will also be expanded. Furthermore, there will be more space for catering facilities. The expansion will be on the ground floor, the first floor and underground. The baggage basement will eventually measure 2,600 square meters; its addition will ensure that baggage can be processed faster and more efficiently. The expansion will provide more comfort for passengers and employees, as there will be more room for handling processes and services.


Walkthrough of the future terminal


Sustainable and demountable

The expansion incorporates the latest developments in sustainability. For example, materials will be reused, such as the facade elements from the existing terminal. The airside construction will be made of sustainable wood and after the expansion the terminal will be completely gas-free. In the future, two ground-coupled heat exchangers will be used to heat and cool the building. One of these will be installed in the extension of the terminal.


Almost 1,100 solar panels will be installed on the roof of the terminal extension. This will generate approximately 363,500 kilowatt-hours of energy per year, which is about 40% of the energy consumption in the new part of the terminal. Part of the roof will be covered with sedum plants. This contributes to water retention and insulation of the terminal. A water basin will be installed in the basement to collect rainwater. This water will be used for the toilets in the extension. The design is made in such a way that materials can be easily reused in the future. Almost all of the equipment used during construction will be electric. The outdoor area, on the forecourt, will be landscaped with greenery. This is just like the current situation, designed by MTD landscape architects.



The total construction time for the expansion is approximately 2.5 years. The aim is to minimise disruption to passengers, visitors and employees during construction. The expansion of the terminal is in line with Eindhoven Airport's ambition to further improve the quality of the airport.



EGM architects: Roemer Pierik, Arno van Schaik, Vincent Ketting, Zita Balajti, Pieter Korstanje, Ádám Petróczki, Arie Meijboom, Darko Andri?, Emiel Hofman, Ferri Szabó, Frank van Soest, Frank Wapenaar, Gijs Raggers, Hans de Man, Ines Anic, John Bothof, Leo Visser, Michal Siupik, Peter van Ek, Sjoerd Verboom, Stefan de Kruijf, Toon van Bokstel, Yannick Hoogstrate

External: Iv, Peutz