How to design excellent buildings? Buildings in which people can live, learn, heal, work and research. Buildings to live in, for education, healthcare, government services and business. Our work is based on asking questions, listening and designing; that is how we come to buildings that meet the users’ needs. We would be happy to discuss your needs, so that together we can come up with new solutions and appropriate plans.

EGM architects

Integration of disciplines to translate complex challenges in architectural solutions

EGM consultants

Practical advice for the design, construction preparation and existing situations

Powered by EGM

BIM under control: from initial design to as-built, management and maintenance

EGM interiors

The architecture of the interior, we make a special fit for each project


Experience from projects as the basis for innovation, combined with research and the potential of ICT

EGM across the border

Our knowledge and skills of hospital care are also used outside the Netherlands