Radboudumc visitor car park

Sustainable and safe with a warm welcome

Very first project makes sustainable and large-scale master plan possible

Radboudumc visitors park their cars in the convenient underground car park.

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The underground car park is located at the heart of the Radboudumc campus in Nijmegen. A green and friendly facility with a capacity of 750 cars. In the mid-1990s the design marked the start of the large-scale renewal of the university medical centre. With its green roof, the bright and open car park was way ahead of its time.


Centre of the campus

The car park offers a fine and safe facility for hospital visitors. Natural light and clear views play a key role in the development of the master plan, which started with the construction of the car park. The original car park was located at ground level, with all cars visible. Lowering the car park below ground paved the way for the creation of a real campus feeling: green, no vehicular traffic, and plenty of pathways. All Radboudumc buildings – new and renovated – are grouped around the green roof of the underground car park.


Convenient and friendly character

The car park was lowered below ground on the same site without any loss of the outdoor atmosphere. Instead of an inward-looking and enclosed building, the two sides remained completely open. That allows daylight to pour in, enhancing the feeling of safety. The open strips also ensure a constant supply of fresh air. The friendly colours, spacious layout, good illumination and plentiful greenery give the car park a convenient and pleasant character. Clear signposting points patients and visitors in the right direction. A pleasant car park that reduces the tension of a hospital visit.


Green roof as entrance area

The car park has an extra-thick roof containing lots of earth, which means that it can support natural grass and shrubs. This design was out of the ordinary. The grass forms a public green square: a forecourt in front of the main entrance to the Radboudumc. An inviting place where patients, staff and visitors can meet one another. An elongated, continuous bench borders both the square and the car park.


Lasting value

Two-thirds of the sustainable master plan – designed by EGM – has now been completed (2021), and the car park is still proving its value. A warm welcome for all visitors underground, and a green connection between all buildings above ground. Now that the new main Radboudumc building is almost complete (May 2022) and the visitor flows are clearly visible, the welcoming and connecting function of the garage is being strengthened – with some modifications – and the green square is being redesigned. Ready for another twenty years of intensive use.