Radboudumc Education Building

Clinical Training Centre, skills labs, conference and meeting rooms, Nijmegen

Knowledge and innovation as connecting link

Within Radboud university medical center, knowledge acts as the link that connects everything. The Education Building connects the hospital with the medical faculty at the campus. The open, transparent building serves as a symbol for the essence: encounter, education and innovation.

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Radboudumc Education Building

Encouraging encounters, research and the exchange of knowledge

The existing Education Building from the 1990s will be renovated and expanded. The building’s current functions include a library, auditorium and educational rooms. The new Education Building will be the showcase of Radboud university medical center. It shows the current power of innovation and accommodates the relevant functions. In addition, it facilitates encounters between healthcare and research, education and innovation. Those various functions all have one thing in common: encouraging encounters, research and the exchange of knowledge.

Pivotal point of interaction

The outdoor patio in the Education Building will be roofed, creating a central area. This will be the heart of the new Education Building. Surrounding it there will be various new, logical, smooth internal connections, stairways and improved access points. This encourages interaction between users and connects the various functions in the building in logical and natural ways.

International appeal

After the restructuring, this building will have high-quality catering services, as well as facilities for meetings and conferences, such as an auditorium, various conference rooms and individual and flexible discussion spaces. As a result, the building will attract people from all over the campus and make it possible to host events with an international appeal. Through the university education programmes on campus, the Education Building will accommodate a clinical training centre, skills labs, seminar rooms and the study hall 2.0, including a library section with a digital database.

Research experience centre: paragon of innovation

Innovation and education are inextricably linked. In that spirit, the research experience centre is of course accommodated in the Education Building, as a shining beacon of innovation. The latest developments in state-of-the-art projects are presented here in the fields of healthcare, research and education. In addition, the centre provides options for innovative third-party pilot projects and devices.

Service plaza 2.0: interactive communication

For help, support and troubleshooting, there is a service plaza 2.0 where questions are answered interactively by medical and learning professionals in an open setting. This includes questions related to support and equipment, but also about tools in the primary process of Radboud university medical center.

Offices for research and innovation

The Education Building houses offices for groups within Radboud university medical center that are engaged in research, encourage innovation and discover new trends and needs in healthcare.

The patient as a guest as well as a participant in research

Patients have a special position in this new Education Building. They are guests, are given the option to use all the facilities, and have been granted access to all available information. In addition, Radboud university medical center encourages patients to participate in research and help young, learning professionals develop their skills.

Hubs for interaction and relaxation

Finally, the new Education Building provides spaces for interaction and relaxation, also known as hubs. These spaces provide Wi-Fi access, docking stations and facilities to charge devices. A space that breathes development and innovation. The hubs embody development and innovation, providing an inspiring environment to encounter each other and exchange thoughts over a bite of food or refreshing beverage.


Project management: DVP, The Hague; Interior design: Suzanne Holtz Studio, Laren; Installations: Deerns, Maastricht; Engineer: Aronsohn, Rotterdam; Building physics: Peutz, Mook.