Praktijkcollege Tilburg

Renovation school building into a modern, flexible and coherent learning environment

Renovation of the school in which the dated interior no longer matched the use and course requirements

The new interior gives students and teachers a place on their own and supports different uses of spaces

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Praktijkcollege Tilburg

Multifunctional and fresh interior gives the various fields of study a recognizable face and employees a wonderful place of their own

EGM interiors has made a matching interior for Praktijkcollege Tilburg (vocational education). The secondary education school is aimed at pupils who want to be immediately prepared for a profession: "the makers of the future". The design started with a minor intervention and eventually led to a renovation of the main entrance, auditorium, teachers' lounge and restaurant. The outdated and lived-in interior with many individual elements is now a modern, flexible and coherent whole. A continuous connection was sought with the image of the various courses at the Tilburg school.


Photography: pulles and pulles