Marnix Rehabilitation Centre

Centre for Prevention and Rehabilitation in Vlaardingen

A stimulating environment focused on recovery

A Healing Environment where clients feel both at ease and stimulated to work on recovery. Modern styling, vibrant colours, spacious departments and daylight create an atmosphere that is more like a hotel than an rehabilitation centre

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Argos Zorggroep specialises in care for the elderly. An important principle is to continue living healthily and independently in a safe and welcoming environment. The Marnix Rehabilitation Centre is part of the Argos Group. Elderly people with physical and psychogeriatric issues can rehabilitate and recover here after a stay in hospital as well as receive help to prepare for becoming independent again as soon as possible


The Marnix Rehabilitation Centre is the first multidisciplinary centre of its size in the region that offers this type of care. Elderly people usually rehabilitate in group residences or at home with the help of domiciliary care. Elderly people frequently stay in hospital longer than necessary, because there are no other options available. At the centre, individual support can be given for sensible reintegration.


Client Argos asked EGM architects to also write the design brief prior to the design of the rehabilitation centre. This is how we arrived at one future-oriented concept together with the client, whereby the Healing Environment is the main focus.

Healing Environment

Through the Healing Environment, the building contributes to the recovery and the health of the residents. All the departments are spacious, with lots of daylight and offer views of the surroundings from every point. Plants and palm trees on the ground floor literally bring nature inside. Vibrant colours and modern styling create a dynamic ambiance. Attractive public areas with view lines and wall-sized images encourage the patients to move around and meet each other in the fitness areas, the restaurant, the lounges or the pavilions with large outside terraces.


The use of glass, warm colours and natural materials ensures a welcoming ambiance. Once inside, the building resembles a hotel more than a rehabilitation centre. Patients and visitors receive a warm welcome, but remain guests. Indeed, this is only supposed to be a temporary stay. A step towards home or a nursing home. Not the end of the route, but a stopover.

Group residence without corridors

Marnix has no corridors; a concept developed by EGM in the study project 'group residence without corridors'. At each department, the eight patient rooms are directly adjacent to the communal lounge. This way, the patient can be part of the group even from his or her bed. This also serves to stimulate the desire to be part of a growing community: from the room to the group, from the group to the centre, then eventually the outside world.


By using sustainable materials and investing in energy-efficient and water-saving installations, Marnix saves half in environmental costs compared with the previous accommodation from the 1990s. Both cooling and heating are achieved through thermal energy storage systems in the foundations.

Part of the neighbourhood

The rehabilitation centre is undoubtedly a part of the neighbourhood. Many active neighbours visit the centre on a daily basis for a bite to eat in the brasserie or to participate in activities at Argos. A wonderful mix of residents and visitors. In fact, the visitors of today may be the residents of the future.