ASML, high-tech offices

Four outstanding, healthy buildings with a wonderful relaxation plaza as connecting hub

People as the blueprint for the design

Getting the very best out of yourself and then letting it all go in order to relax. In a setting that effortlessly provides the perfect support. That is what ASML, the chip machine manufacturer, offers with its new office complex on De Run 1000 in Veldhoven.

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The high-quality office setting under construction on the ASML campus is something you won’t see anywhere else. It is unique in terms of functionality, sustainability and health. This reflects the future vision of high-tech company ASML as the undisputed market leader with the most creative thinkers on its staff. After completion, this stimulating work environment – already awarded the BREEAM Excellent and WELL Gold labels – will welcome over 4,000 international employees.

ASML is a leader in many fields: in its work, as an employer, and in its buildings. To meet the global demand for chip machines, the ASML campus needed new buildings. Sooner rather than later. After a limited architect selection procedure, EGM had the honour of facilitating this high-tech growth by designing flexible office buildings with a total floor area of about 48,000 m². Together with ASML, EGM succeeded in translating the high ambitions into a unique, high-quality complex that unites two seeming opposites: a functional work environment and a place for relaxation.


Everything under one roof

A multitude of functions come together in the new office complex. From hard and focussed work – individually or in teams – to optimal relaxation. In such a way that switching between high productivity and moments of rest and recovery occurs naturally. A 4,000m2 plaza surrounded by greenery at the heart of the complex connects all four office buildings with one another. A dynamic place where staff meet, work, enjoy lunch, do sports and games, or relax and rewind. In office buildings that are clearly related yet each with an identity of its own thanks to subtle variations in facades. And with a nod to the very first – and thus iconic – ASML building that stood on this site.


People as inspiration for the design

The universal mechanism of the autonomic nervous system provided the inspiration for the design. How does the body switch between the sympathetic nervous system (which is needed for focus) and the parasympatetic nervous system (which is activated through relaxation)? The design supports in a sensory way what people need in order to work hard and relax effectively. This latest extension to the ASML campus is a motivational office complex that is a sustainable and healthy example of modern design in the greenest possible surroundings.


Getting the very best out of yourself

The four office buildings stimulate optimal productivity by focusing on reason and intellect. The basis: rational facades, predominantly white spaces with contrasting bright colours and compact, clear building structures. The floor-to-ceiling windows and the central void admit plenty of daylight deep into the building, thus facilitating a high level of effort and focus. All of this enables employees to get the very best out of themselves.


Letting go of everything and relaxing

After a period of focused working, the high performers at ASML can effortlessly switch to letting go of everything and relaxing in the welcoming plaza. Located in this completely different world is the entrance to the complex, so that employees start and finish their working day here. There is space for informal meetings, flexible work, a moment of reflection or of complete relaxation. The spacious layout, the warm materials, the softer colours, the wall cabinets with partitions of greenery, the sequence of spaces of varying heights and the connections with the surrounding landscape naturally stimulate the body to adopt another mindset.


Everywhere connected with the green surroundings

A green environment benefits health and eases the mental recovery of ASML employees. That is why the plaza is surrounded by a fully glazed facade. As a result, daylight pours in throughout the day, so that employees always enjoy views of the surrounding landscape of mature trees and vegetation. Moreover, De Run 1000, with its lush roof gardens featuring beehives and insect hotels, stimulates biodiversity on the ASML campus.


Rewarded with sustainability certificates

ASML is also a market leader in the field of sustainable office buildings thanks to its future vision. The demountable design for De Run 1000 is almost 30 percent more energy efficient than the industry norm. Smart technology allows energy to be reused, maintenance to be carried out efficiently and light pollution to be reduced. Moreover, materials that became available through the demolition of the old building have been recycled wherever possible. For example, some of the old paving slabs have been reused, parts of the facade were given a second life, and the iconic blue ASML glass was incorporated into the floor. That is why the building design was rewarded with the sustainability certificates BREEAM Excellent and WELL Gold.



EGM architects: Ádám Petróczki, Daniël van den Berg, Darko Andric, Eelke Arends, Emiel Hofman, Erik Fokkema, Francesco Catanese, Frank Morel, Gerben Vos, Gijs Raggers, Hans de Man, Heidi Sairanen, Ines Anic, Jack Heskens, Johnno Peters, Jordy van Driel, Leo Visser, Marco Verboom, Noah van Asselt, Patrick Tak, Patrick van Houte, Pieter Korstanje, Relinde van der Horst, René Buckers, Rik van Rijckevorsel, Rob Niessen, Roemer Pierik, Sjoerd Verboom, Sylwia Kolodko, Toon van Bokstel, Vincent Ketting, Yannick Hoogstrate

External: Adviesbureau Tielemans Bouwconstructies B.V., Croon Wolter en Dros, Deerns, Diepenhorst de Vos en Partners, Ex-interiors, Hurks Bouw, Karres en Brands, Mansveld


Photography: Scagliola + Brakkee

Impressions: EGM architects (actual realisation may differ from impressions)