Nursing home of the future

Research into the definition of what ‘home’ means to nursing home residents.

What means home to residents of a nursing home? And how can life be made more pleasant for all nursing home residents? The nursing home of the future is a home. Seniors will continue to live at home for as long as possible, but not everybody can do that. The future nursing home is the best home for people with complex or major care needs.

A house that becomes a home through people, care and spatial setting. Fontys University of Applied Sciences started a research project together with Maastricht University and care partners Vitalis, Archipel, Brabant Zorg, Savant and EGM architects into the definition of the sense of home. What is it and how can you create it?


An abstract yet essential question, and answering it properly can make the lives of all nursing home residents more pleasant. The project is accessible through the website Thuis in het verpleeghuis. The project has already resulted in the publication Het verpleeghuis van de toekomst is een thuis (‘The nursing home of the future is a home’), to which EGM also contributed.


Developments in society make it important to define the sense of home, especially now. By the time people are taken into the care of a nursing home, they are extremely vulnerable. Isn't that when the need for a home is so strong? Moreover, current technological developments offer nursing home residents new opportunities, for example more freedom of movement and diversion.


EGM architects has been involved with various forms of assisted living for forty years. Our experience with design and construction is complemented by a scientifically grounded framework that defines the relation between design and its effect on residents. In addition, a Living Lab is created to investigate the sense of home and to share knowledge.


EGM is working on this combination of design experience and knowledge sharing with one goal: in the future, everybody can, where possible, feel at home in a nursing home.