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Design tools in 2025

From drawing board to indoor analytics

Martijn in 't Veld

Learn from the past

The Real Alcazar in Seville: Healing Environment avant-la-lettre

Erik Pijnacker

“Interior is not important”

It’s about perception; interior is more than an empty box in a city


EGM visits Seoul

Infographic of the trip for the new building for the Dutch Embassy in Korea

Martijn in 't Veld

Architecture contributes to our well-being

Why do we discuss our buildings so seldom?


Old is good. New is better.

Building remains a beautiful profession

Arnold Sikkel

Innovation comes slowly to health care?

Together we can make a world of difference, but ... "Stick to the plan!"

AnneMarie Eijkelenboom

Light buildings make you happy

Does light make you happy and is more always better?