Stories about EGM

Our clients invest a lot of time and money in their projects and feel closely involved in the process and the result; therefore they often have strong opinions about it. Through ‘stories about EGM’ they offer a look at the design and construction process as they have experienced it and they give their view on the final result and our involvement.


Arjen Dekker on Slob Shipyard

'Together we achieved the best possible result'


Robbert Jan van der Ent Braat

'Reinier de Graaf Hospital gives a new meaning to hospitality in healthcare'


Gerben Stolk on Midden-Inn residential care facility

The design perfectly matches our ambitions and creates a community feeling: a ‘living room’ for Heerjansdam


Pauline Harmsen on the Essenhof

'The architectural design of EGM has helped to improve our services and has brought peace and order, for staff and for visitors."


Gabrielle Davits about Boswijk

Maintaining a vision, despite cutbacks


András Vermes about A15 Pharmacy

The entire project was completed in 24 months, from initial design to delivery