Teylingen College

School, Noordwijkerhout

With a minimum budget, a fresh and contemporary school

The atriums provide the necessary indoor light output, facilitating a very efficient yet user-friendly learningand working environment within a compact design.

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Teylingen College

Teylingen College - with minimal budget, a fresh and modern school to be proud of

On behalf of the Fioretti-Teylingen board,a design for the construction of the Teylingen College, secondary schools, in Noordwijkerhout was made. It is a school with the intent of the "independent study". Here, the younger and older kids function in separate areas within the same building.Each areahas its own facilities, such asworkspaces, class rooms andfunctionsas lockers, toilets and storerooms. Especially the latter functions are clusteredas a "service strip" throughout the whole building (thisalso containsthe main technical facilities and circuits). Support and management can be found in a strip adjacent to the