St. Elisabeth

Assisted-living centre, Roosendaal

Residential care complex with an unique atmosphere, solemn and subdued, fresh and rich in contrast

The interaction between old and new buildings creates a unique atmosphere and totally different experiences.

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St. Elisabeth

The outdated complex was transformed into a modern and sustainable residential care complex

The former monastic complex of St. Elizabeth has been transformed into a modern and sustainable assisted living centre. In the past, the Franciscan nuns would care for their sick and elderly sisters here. However, in 2000, the congregation voted to open the doors to non-religious tenants. This decision launched the complete renovation, partial demolition and new construction of the site. Sober and subdued, yet bright and contrasting. Although incompatible at first glimpse, these were the four principles the EGM architecten set out to work on and achieve. The middle ground was partly identified in the subdued colours on the walls and ceilings, creating a striking contrast to the chosen furniture. The subtle and distinctive materials and colour choices remained respectful to the old building and added to what was already there.


The original, stunning monastic complex was built in 1925 and still forms the heart around which the building is realised. It serves as the main link between the original complex, shared courtyard and adjacent buildings. The interaction between old and new creates a unique atmosphere within the building and encourages completely different experiences. EGM has completely renovated and restored this well-preserved old building, and now it is ready for at least another century of intensive use.