Scheldekaai Parking Study

Masterplan parking in Antwerp

Underground parking as part of future embankment Antwerp

This master plan transforms the Scheldekaaien into a beautiful and pleasant park landscape and offers, due to terrain elevation, flood protection for the historic downtown.

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The design of the underground parking of Sint-Andries Zuid is part of the master plan ‘Scheldekaaien’ by PROAP and Wit architecten. This masterplan will turn Scheldekaaien into beautiful and pleasant parkland and protects the historical city of Antwerp against flooding, due to the elevations of the site.


Rivershaped parking

The long parking, which offers room to over 1.000 cars, follows the bends of the river Schelde. The roof is a vegetated embankment which functions as a dyke. The shape of the roof changes over the length of the parking, offering a unique profile to each section. The large amount of elevators and staircases provide ample daylight and together with the use of bright colors, the parking feels clearly structured, pleasant and safe. A monumental staircase connects the northern part of the parking with the upper parkland. The staircase leads to a wide corridor, from which people have access to the parking. On the other side of the corridor spaces with public functions are located. From the upper bicycle parking, which can be accessed directly from ground level, there is an unobstructed view on the parked cars. The northern part of the garage can be secluded from the southern part and has a minimum height of 3 meters, which is exceptionally high for a parking. This part will be used for public events. History revealed Part of the historic fortifications, which are still hidden underground, have become visible thanks to excavation of the parking.They form the northern ending of this special parking.