Renovation of flats

Apartment building renovations, Pijnacker

Methamorphosis by upgrading public spaces and variation in housing

EGM proposed measures that not only upgrade the buildings but also the public spaces while also adding new homes to the neighbourhood.

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Renovation of flats

This project won the Living Award 2009

The Pijnacker North district, built in the sixties, has undergone a metamorphosis. Housing association Rondom Wonen and the community of Pijnacker-Nootdorp wanted to elevate the quality of life in this typical "Fowler District" to a new level. Strong economic growth in the nineties, the increasing need for larger properties, different housing styles and an updated variety of facilities prompted this initiative. In 2002, EGM architecten, in collaboration with EGM advisors, was asked to investigate the potential of this district and to draw out an improvement plan. One of the main points of criticism was themonotonous character of the buildings from the sixties and, because of it, the lack of any neighbourhood identity.


EGM proposed a plan of action; not only for the buildings but also plans to upgrade the public areas and add new homes to the community. This plan created a better flow and allowed the elderly to continue living there. Apartment buildinginteriors and exteriors were renovated. These renovations have brought more living enjoyment and boosted the feeling of social well-being, while the identity of the neighbourhood and the recognition of the flats has been mutually improved. This project has won the 2009 Residential Award (WoonAward).