Redevelopment of nursing and adjacent homes, Oosterhout

A pleasant place to meet in the heart of the neighbourhood

There are plenty of opportunities for encounters between residents of the complex and local residents.

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Much of the parking space is underground, thus creating space for high quality and green areas.

Since Oosterheem care centre was no longer meeting today’s requirements, EGM architecten designed a plan for redevelopment of the nursing home and the adjoining properties. With the redevelopment of the new building a whole new neighbourhood was simultaneously created. The grounds of the old nursing home would slowly make way for a new assisted living centre. Three residential buildings and an underground parking garage are now under construction. The construction is phased out, requiring most residents to only “move house” once. The new assisted living centre offers sheltered living apartments, care apartments, residential units and general facilities. The design, with four storeys and a bent shape, mimicks the direction and scale of the surrounding neighbourhood. The residential buildings are eye-catching and compete with the height and scale of the adjacent Amphia Hospital.


EGM based the design on "reversible construction”. Meaning that, in the future, it would be relatively easy to convert two-bedroom care apartments into intensive care housing or three-bedroom apartments. Because most of the parking is underground, there is room for high quality landscaping. There are plenty of opportunities for centre residents and the residents of the neighbourhood to come into contact with one another. Outside on the garden benches, for example. Inside, the central hall and the general facilities promote further interaction. Now, Oosterheem has been changed into a pleasant place to meet in the heart of the neighbourhood.