Multi-storey car park of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Employee car park, 's- Hertogenbosch

Transparent, easy to navigate and efficient.

Next to the Jeroen Bosch Hospital is the multi-storey car park for hospital employees. Inside, the parking bays and vertical access have been separated, allowing for maximum flow of traffic. A clear structure, transparency and natural light ensure that the car park is easy to navigate and (socially) safe.

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Multi-storey car park of the Jeroen Bosch Hospital

Maximum flow and clear structure

The Jeroen Bosch Hospital's employee car park has a capacity of 1,100 cars and 1,200 bicycles. The entrance to the car park is special, separating the parking bays and the vertical access. This way, employee traffic clan flow easily to all storeys without being hindered by other drivers parking their cars. This improves the flow of traffic and allows drivers to find a parking spot quickly, efficiently and safely.

Elegant and functional

De car park is slender and elegant, but also sober and functional. The ramps along the outside of the car park allow a lot of natural light to enter the building. The crash barriers along the ramps add dynamics. The access is positioned in the centre, reducing walking distances to a minimum. The walking route is short, straightforward and easy to navigate.

Social security 24/7

The car park is open 24 hours a day. There are many employees who work at night, or who do not leave until after dark. Therefore, social safety is very important. Natural light and large, open parking areas ensure optimal visibility and unobstructed views. Inside, there is plentiful lighting, so that the building lights up at night, and the clear structure becomes visible