Care Boulevard Rotterdam

Care Boulevard

A healthy blend of care and commerce

A new concept whereby care-related amenities are combined with commercial functions. All facilities under one roof: the one-stop shop principle, with a focus on health. With more than two million visitors each year, the care boulevard is an integral part of the city.

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Care Boulevard Rotterdam

The Care Boulevard in Rotterdam South is made up of the medimall and the adjacent Maasstad Hospital. A new concept that challenges traditional designs for the healthcare sector. Here, care-related amenities are combined with commercial functions. In fact, the design is more in keeping with a shopping precinct, comprising everything related to health, care and lifestyle. All facilities under one roof: the one-stop shop principle. Convenient for care providers and patients, but it also responds to the growing demand for bespoke care within easy reach.

Care Boulevard as part of the neighbourhood

The Care Boulevard and the adjacent Maasstad Hospital are located at the edge of the Lombardijen and Ijsselmonde estates. Here, the mixture of (care) facilities on offer attracts approximately two-and-a-half million visitors per year. This makes the boulevard an integral part of the city. Maasstad Hospital, with its specialised clinical care, acts as both driving force and pull for the development of the area. Along with other care providers, the hospital strives to provide the highest level of care, in which connection, hospitality and reliability are key. The care boulevard is a wonderful example of this: care organisations are cooperating closely and bespoke care is offered in a welcoming environment.

Focus on health

The new hospital was to be a sizeable building. This required a suitable solution: no small secondary constructions, but a larger building parallel to the hospital. With a public pedestrian zone between both buildings - the boulevard. The boulevard features the main entrance to the hospital and the entries to the various amenities housed in the Medimall. The Medimall design closely matches the hospital in terms of material and style. The transparent plinth with various amenities and the greenery create a friendly look. The emphasis here is not on being ill, but rather on getting better.

Connection is the main objective

The Medimall designed by EGM architects is in fact a multifunctional business centre, accommodating care facilities such as a psychiatric centre, care hotel, maternity hotel, rehabilitation centre and a clinic for plastic surgery. It also accommodates commercial facilities such as shops, children?s day care, offices and catering services. It is this mixture of amenities that makes the location so dynamic and innovative. A space for meeting, interacting and connecting. A connection between people, between care facilities and with the city.